J.S. Bach, Adagio in G Minor, BWV 1001, with score

Sonata I in G-Minor, BWV 1001, is now available for purchase, either through our website at www.SonatasAndPartitas.com or through Les Productions D’oz

Many thanks to Leanne Koonce for the beautiful cover!

We came to realize that the edition with the full collection is rather expensive, especially in places where the exchange rate is very unequal, and so the publishers were enthusiastic to make this available in smaller, less expensive parcels. It also afforded us the opportunity to make some revisions, and so this volume may be considered a second edition. The critical notes have been modified as well, so that, whenever possible, they refer specifically to the first sonata. For example, the section “Interpreting Bach’s Slurs” has been completely re-written, giving a detailed discussion on the slurs in the Presto from this Sonata. Players can then use the concepts to help them in their interpretations of all their repertoire from that period.