J.S. Bach, BWV 1003, Sonata 2 in A Minor, II - Fuga, Tutorial, (Part 3)

A must-see for anyone playing this fugue, on any instrument!

The present video discusses the structure of the Fuga, BWV 1003, starting with the end of the expository area, and leading to the main focal arrival in the work.

The video clearly demonstrates how the mysterious and famous “golden ratio” works in Bach’s hands; it also explores how not all key areas in a piece are equally important. There is generally one important key area aside from the main key of a work, and all the others are like stepping stones to either get us there, or to get us back to our home key at the end.

The video considers all these elements and ties them together in a clear and concise manner so that musicians of all levels will be able to grasp the concepts, in a way that will directly affect their playing.

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It may also be helpful to see this introductory video.