Articulation in Early Music (Part 3) Tempo di Borea Double, Tutorial

Really passionate about this topic! Hands-on help for guitarists who want to do more with articulation.
Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas, and indeed all the music in Bach’s time, is now often referred to as “rhetorical music.”

According to the ancient Greeks, “rhetoric” refers to the art of making a persuasive argument. It might be easy enough to think of Bach’s music as sounding articulate, eloquent, and expressive—But it may feel like a bigger leap to consider it sounding like a persuasive argument. However, Bach’s music was indeed praised for how well his music followed the rules of rhetoric. This video shows how.

Using the Double to the Tempo di Borea, BWV 1002, as an example, this video will give practical insights regarding how to hear Bach's music as alluding to a persuasive argument.