J.S. Bach, BWV 1002, Partita 1 in B Minor, Corrente Double/Presto, Tutorial

Practice tips to help you play faster!

Let's face it, most of us would love to be able to play faster. And while playing fast should never be the ultimate goal, it is fun to do, and audiences find these displays of bravura to be irresistible.

This video gives practice tips to help people of all levels play faster.

There is also a discussion of how the Corrente, BWV 1002, and its Double are paired both by contrasts and by similarities. The general Affekt of the pieces could not be more different.

The Corrente is one of the most sublime pieces in the Sonatas and Partitas collection, while its double is that “kid with attitude.”

On the other hand, the bass lines and harmonies are all the same in both pieces. Once again, Bach shows his compositional virtuosity, this time by writing such different pieces using essentially the same fabric and components.