J.S. Bach, BWV 1002, Partita 1 in B Minor, Corrente Double/Presto

PERFORMANCE VIDEO. Heather DeRome guitar. Arranged by Frank Koonce and Heather DeRome. Enjoy! Mastered by Ian Welsh of Nest studios. Feb, 2020.

Thor Sten: Super Akustik, Dank für dieses wunderbare und so grandios vorgetragene Stück.Grüße aus Sachsen.

Joep Wörther: Bravo Heather!!!

Demma K Guitar: Nice recording, performance and interpretation. I am studying the same piece, almost there. It’s interesting you’re tuned half tone below and sounds good, Normally for Bach I am tuning in A 432hz.

MrRoosterify: Excellent! are you tuned down a half step?

Vie zieg: excellent !