J.S. Bach, BWV 1001, Sonata 1 in G Minor, IV - Presto, Tutorial

A thorough discussion of the Presto, BWV 1001 in G Minor, the video describes how the piece refers to and alludes to the other movements in the first sonata, and therefore ties the work together. An interesting historical discussion is included as well.

Similar to the Adagio, the piece has two sections that clearly mirror each other. And, like the Siciliana, the Presto arrives back to the home key well before the end. However, while the Siciliana harks forward to the Style Galant, the Presto with its unpretentious lines that repeat sequentially––but more persistently than is normally expected, gives the sense of a more archaic style that the other pieces in the Sonatas and Partitas.

The video also gives suggestions to guitarists regarding fingering choices and also how to use the hand so that the fingerings in the Koonce/DeRome edition of the Sonatas and Partitas feel easy to execute.