J.S. Bach, BWV 1001, Sonata 1 in G Minor, II - Fuga, Tutorial (Part 4)

This video deals only with the final section of the G-minor Fuga, BWV 1001, and is for those making arrangements of the Sonatas and Partitas, and for performers alike.

There is a discussion about possible options with respect to bass-note choices that arrangers will find helpful, as the video explores different arrangements that were made during Bach’s lifetime.

Spezzatura was a trait that was aspired to in Bach’s time, and it deals with a manner of playing flamboyantly, but with “skilled nonchalance.” In our time also, we are more emotionally affected by performances that seem unscripted and where the performer has no air of being self-conscious. To this end, the video also serves as a tutorial for guitarists with tips on how to practise the virtuoso writing in the coda.