J.S. Bach, BWV 1001, Sonata 1 in G Minor, II - Fuga, Tutorial (Part 3)

This video is for performers who want to understand the overall arch of this monumental piece.

It has been said that after exploring the keys of G, D, and C, Bach wanted a new colour, and therefore he explored the key of B-flat. What actually happens, however, is that Bach travels through those three keys in order to arrive at B-flat. That arrival is often a listener’s favourite place in the Fuga.

There is a reason for this! It is the main focal area, and everything that happens beforehand is to take us there; the arrival, with it's beautiful new motive is indeed very sublime. Then, everything that happens afterwards is to take us home.

The purpose of the present video is to demonstrate this in a way that you will be able to clearly hear, and therefore also be able to express in your playing.

If you have not seen the introductory video, do watch part one here and part two here; you may find them to be helpful before continuing to part three.