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Sonatas and Partitas Newsletter #24
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We hope this finds you all well.
The resource that we are sharing this week is a short video about the Double to the Allemanda in B Minor, BWV 1002. As mentioned in the video, it is recommended that you also view the videos about the Allemanda itself, as the two pieces are so closely related.
WATCH THE VIDEO (https://www.sonatasandpartitas.com/video/?vid_id=55&yt_code=T0QGe7WywSQhttps://www.sonatasandpartitas.com/video/?vid_id=55&yt_code=T0QGe7WywSQhttps://www.sonatasandpartitas.com/video/?vid_id=55&yt_code=T0QGe7WywSQhttps://www.sonatasandpartitas.com/video/?vid_id=55&yt_code=T0QGe7WywSQ)
We hope you will enjoy it and, as always, please feel free to let us know what you think. Again, thanks to those of you who have reached out recently with questions or comments. The discussions are always fruitful and interesting, and your kind words are appreciated.
With best wishes,
Frank and Heather