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Sonatas and Partitas newsletter, #28
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We have written a new article, Transcribing Bach's Solo String Music: When to Add or Omit Notes (https://www.sonatasandpartitas.com/articles/?selected=article_detail&id=65&nomenu=t&resultpage=1) that was published by Strings by Mail. The article goes into more depth than we were able to for the critical notes in our book, and deals with how and when one might choose to add a bass notes or an inner voice, when arranging Bach's solo string music for the guitar.

The article is accessible both at Strings by Mail and through our website.

READ THE ARTICLE (https://www.sonatasandpartitas.com/articles/)
We were honoured to be asked to contribute to String By Mail’s library, and were happy for the opportunity to discuss these issues in more depth than we could previously. The article will appeal to players using published editions of Bach’s music, as well as to people of all levels making their own editions. Theorists and historians may also find it interesting to see how these issues are applied to the practise of making transcriptions for the guitar.

With best wishes,
Frank and Heather

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