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Sonatas and Partitas newsletter, #30
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
This week’s newsletter comes with part-one of a video about the fuga from the A-minor Sonata, BWV 1003. It is interesting to think about the three sonatas as being in succession, and that as Bach went along, he made the fugues progressively longer and more intricate. In the A-minor Sonata, Bach introduces the idea of the “Concerto Fugue.” One might imagine him feeling quite chuffed at not only writing harmonically complete music for the solo violin, but actually writing a four-voice fugue as though it were for full orchestra and soloist. This week’s video discusses the fugue in those terms and also explores the building blocks, all introduced within the first three measures, that Bach uses for his fuga.

Watch the video (https://www.sonatasandpartitas.com/video/?vid_id=66&yt_code=UTNI6D24d1k)
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With best wishes,
Frank and Heather

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