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Sonatas and Partitas Newsletter #36
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving if you are from the United States, and wish you all an enjoyable holiday season to come.
We have added two new videos to the Sonatas and Partitas website: Fuga BWV 1003 Tutorial, Part Two and Part Three. Part One discussed this fugue in terms of its being a concerto fugue. The video also introduced materials that Bach set out in the expository section of the fugue. We received several replies telling us that people found this video to be helpful to them as performers, and that the video had discussed the fugue in ways that were new to them.

Watch Part One (https://www.sonatasandpartitas.com/video/?vid_id=66&yt_code=UTNI6D24d1k)

Parts Two and Three may require a slight geek alert… They take an in-depth look at how Bach actually uses these materials to construct the large-scale form that is this fugue, which is one of the longest pieces in the Sonatas and Partitas collection. It can really be a “game-changer” for a performer when she or he understands how these materials are used to give this work its forward momentum and emotional meaning.

One the most appreciable aspects of Bach’s music lies in its unwavering sense of direction. How does Bach manage to achieve that in such a long work? And how can we as players also be able to hold that direction, without faltering, clearly in our minds and senses as we perform this piece? That is what these two videos explore.

Parts Two and Three both deal with the same compositional techniques, but, as is mentioned in the video, Bach always takes the "scenic route” to get to where he is going and takes the “shortcut” home; so the return to the home key is usually easier to grasp. To that end, Part Two deals with the end section of the fugue and Part Three deals with the middle.

Watch Part Two (https://www.sonatasandpartitas.com/video/?vid_id=75&yt_code=bMQ-KB6PC18)
Watch Part Three (https://www.sonatasandpartitas.com/video/?vid_id=74&yt_code=DpoGnLq4j8U)

With best wishes,
Frank and Heather

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