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Sonatas and Partitas Newsletter #44
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
As mentioned in the last newsletter, we have unearthed a small treasure trove in the form of some old videos of Frank. These videos were shared at the most recent Phoenix Guitar Society zoom meeting, which paid tribute to Frank and were very much enjoyed by all. Frank’s career was distinguished in many ways: he built an excellent program at ASU, as was attested by many of his former students at that meeting; he was the founder and is still the label manager of Soundset Recordings, a record label that showcases a large number of guitar recordings as well as other world-class classical performers; and he also edited the Pedagogy Forum in the Guitar Foundation of America’s magazine, Soundboard, for many years.
And there are also Frank’s editions, which everyone getting this newsletter is surely familiar with. As was discussed during the tribute, these editions not only present the guitar community with a collection of great music to play, but they also have helped substantially to raise the bar, so to speak, for the level that players can achieve.
Having said all this, it might be easy to overlook that, perhaps most importantly, Frank was a great player when he was in his prime, recording and performing in the Americas and in Europe. As I may have mentioned in the last newsletter, he is one of my favourite players, having mastered the rare art of exceptional facility combined with a highly personal interpretation, that somehow sounds completely unassuming–almost unself-aware. Sublime is the word I have heard used to describe it on more than one occasion. These videos are all live and unedited. They are now available for viewing on the Phoenix Guitar Society YouTube channel. His CDs of Platero y yo in both Spanish and English are available from his website. Enjoy!
Frank Koonce, El Decameron Negro (https://www.youtu.be/4zQrwnX6_VE)
Torre Bermeja, by Isaac Albeniz (https://www.youtu.be/F9tmtXLVr_E)
Frank Koonce, 3 pieces from West Side Story (https://www.youtu.be/EW3y-Ip-rsE)
Feel free to let us know what you think, by responding to this email!
With best wishes,
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